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Remac Stones Serie RX

Multipurpose and multifunctional machine – combined for large companies and contractors
to bury stones, clods and surface vegetation

The high capacity to bury stones, superficial vegetation and hostile clods guarantees better and more fluid tillage of the soil. The anti-clockwise rotation of the rotor, equipped with special hoes, projects the debris and soil against the selection grid.

This operation allows only the refined soil to pass through and the consequent sinking of stones and useless debris. A single pass over the soil is sufficient to obtain a clean, refined and leveled surface layer (approximately 15-25 cm), ensuring excellent soil drainage.

Folding stone buriers
Made for large extensions, it is available in three hydraulically foldable versions. Built with top quality materials, it can be customized on request with a wide range of accessories.

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  • IS 400 RX – 40+40 blades – 120-160 HP – 400 cm
  • IS 450 RX – 44+44 blades – 140-180 HP – 450 cm
  • IS 500 RX – 48+48 blades – 160-200 HP – 500 cm

Standard features

  • Net or cage self-cleaning roller
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • 2nd and 3rd cat. Connection
  • PTO540 RPM
  • Special blades Remac design
  • Mechanical roller adjuster
  • Multispeed gearbox
  • Levelling bar
  • 1 disc on carter side

On demand

  • Hydraulic side roller adjuster
  • Paker roller Ø 500
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch
  • Back grille on double axle
  • Hydraulic roller adjuster
  • 2nd disc
  • Increase for Mod. HX (larger space)
  • Double chain
  • Gearbox 1000 RPM for transmission with double chain drive

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