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Multifunctional power harrow for compact tractor - REMAC

Multifunctional power harrow for compact tractor

Multipurpose machine – combined
10 ÷ 80 HP
GREEN is a multifunctional power harrow for compact tractor ideal for preparing the soil, forming new plants and growing vegetables. Suitable for green spaces and sports fields.

With a single pass it is possible:

  • Prepare surface to sow,
  • Addition and incorporation of soil and sand,
  • Decompaction of riding stables,
  • Heavy and rough soil conditioning.

The advantages of using our multifunctional power harrow for compact tractor

Unparalleled Seedbed preparation

The Power Harrow’s advanced rotating tines efficiently break up and level the soil, creating a well-prepared and smooth seedbed. By loosening the soil and incorporating organic matter, our Power Harrow for compact tractor sets the stage for successful seed germination and optimal plant growth. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and clods, and embrace a seedbed that ensures your crops or grass seeds have the best possible start.

Precise grass seeding

Our Grass Seeder component is designed to deliver accurate and uniform seed distribution. With adjustable settings for seeding rates and depth, you have full control over the seeding process. Whether you’re reseeding a pasture, establishing a new lawn, or planting cover crops, our Grass Seeder ensures consistent coverage and eliminates wasted seeds, saving you time and resources.

Time and labour efficiency

The combination of the Power Harrow and Grass Seeder streamlines your farming tasks, saving you valuable time and reducing the need for manual labor. With this integrated system, you can achieve both seedbed preparation and seeding in a single pass, minimizing downtime and increasing your overall productivity.

Enhanced Plant Health

The precise seedbed preparation and accurate seeding offered by our integrated system contribute to enhanced plant health and crop performance. By providing an optimal environment for seeds to establish roots and access nutrients, you’ll witness healthier plants, increased yields, and more lush pastures.


  • Green 100 – 5 rotors – 10-15 HP – 100 cm
  • Green 120 – 6 rotors – 15-25 HP – 120 cm
  • Green 140 – 7 rotors – 25-50 HP – 140 cm
  • Green 160 – 8 rotors – 40-50 HP – 160 cm
  • Green 180 – 9 rotors – 50-60 HP – 180 cm
  • Green 200 – 10 rotors – 60-80 HP – 200 cm

Standard features

  • Net self-cleaning roller
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • 1st and 2nd cat. Connection
  • PTO540 RPM
  • Mobile side shields
  • Blades Tines
  • Mechanical roller adjuster
  • Levelling bar
  • 1 speed gearbox

On demand

  • Seeder
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