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Europa series Italian Homologation

  • Slurry tank with one, two or three axles, with Italian Homologation and load capacity from 3.000 up to 30.000 litres
  • Italian Homologation 40 km/h


  • RMB 30, RMB 40, RMB 50
  • Granget 30, Granget 40, Granget 50
  • Europa 100, Europa 140, Europa 160, Europa 180, Europa 200, Europa 220, Europa 250, Europa 300, Europa 350
  • RMB series, capacity from 3.000 to 5.000 litres, one axles and with leaf spring suspensions
  • Granjet series, capacity from 3.000 to 5.000 litres, one axles, with leaf spring suspensions and sprinkling jet
  • Europa series, from 100 to 180, capacity from 6.800 up to 14.000 litres, two axles and with leaf spring suspensions
  • Europa series, from 250 to 350, with Italian homologation, capacity up to 20.000 litres and with hydraulic self-levelling suspensions

GRAZIOLI makes also a series of Slurry tank with European homologation: Europa 220/2, Europa 340/3, Europa 440/4.

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Why GRAZIOLI slurry tank have no equals

Slurry tank 4.0

The use of cutting-edge technologies in our tanks guarantees precise and accurate distribution of nutrients.

Big capacity

Thanks to their big capacities they can store significant quantities of liquids, minimizing the need for frequent refills.

Precision agricolture

Our Slurry tanks are designed with advanced spreading technology that ensures precise and reliable distribution of organic fertilizers.

Robustness and maximum quality

Built with robust, quality materials, they ensure reliable performance, helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Slurry Tank accessories

For efficient and effective use based on specific needs, various accessories are available.

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