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Rimorchio 2 assi Dumper DOMEX 220/2 - GRAZIOLI

Dumper with 2 axles and European homologation

The Dumper BS 220/2 2-axle trailer is the ideal choice for those looking for maximum maneuverability without compromising efficiency. It is the ideal choice for use on narrow or rough terrain, in small fields or limited spaces.

With a load capacity of 10 tons per axle and 2 tons on the shaft, it is still ready to transport heavy loads.

The Europan Homologation and its ability to adapt to different applications make it a flexible choice for the most complex transport needs.

Models od Dumper 2 axles BS 220/2

BS 220/2 – 5,20 mt

  • 2 axles
  • Homologation 22 tons
  • Internal dimensions Caisson:
    5,20×2,30×1,70 mt
  • Capacity: 20 mc
  • with or without sideboards

BS 220/2 – 6,00 mt

  • 2 axles
  • Homologation 22 tons
  • Internal dimensions Caisson:
    6,00×2,30×1,70 mt
  • Capacity: 24 mc
  • with or without sideboards

Standard features

  • Rear Hydraulic tipping with pump and cardan shaft
  • Smooth sheet metal caisson
  • Hydraulically opening rear door
  • Hydraulic foot
  • Side and rear underride guards
  • Tandem cantilever leaf sping suspension, 2 axles 10 holes 410X120 rear steering
  • Air brakes
  • braking corrector

Europa Series is available also with or 3 axles or 4 axles

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Because GRAZIOLI Dumper trailers are unique

Maximum quality

Our trailers are the result of meticulous attention to detail and a constant commitment to ensuring uncompromising construction quality.
Each component of our Dumpers is carefully selected and assembled with obsessive attention, guaranteeing maximum durability and superior performance.

High reliability

Our range of trailers is synonymous for proven reliability. Grazioli Dumpers are able to withstand heavy loads, rough terrain and adverse weather conditions, ensuring high reliability for your farm day by day.

Top robustness

Robustness is in our DNA. “DOMEX” Dumper Trailers are made to withstand the most extreme conditions.
Durable construction and high-quality components ensure long-lasting performance and minimize maintenance requirements, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your farming operations.

For every need

Flexibility is fundamental, which is why we offer a range of Dumper trailers with 2, 3 and 4 axle configurations with specific characteristics to best adapt to every transport need.
Thanks to the self-levelling hydraulic suspensions, Grazioli Dumper trailers also adapt to very uneven terrain and can be equipped with 400×120 or 420×180 industrial brakes.

Features of BS Dumper trailers

BS Dumper trailers boast a host of top-notch standard features. However, they can be customized both in color and for specific work needs.

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