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After five years of war, Italy must rebuild its economy. Grazioli family starts again with their company by introducing the second generation. Alongside Spartaco Grazioli, his two sons begin to work: Clearco and Dario. They purchased a portion of land in Visano and built the workshop, reusing bricks and materials recovered from war rubble.

The cooperation between artisan activities in the small town of Brescia allows the company to satisfy the widest range of customers, producing resistant trailers and carts for work and transport. Clearco remember the strong demand of wood from the Grazioli workshop as well as the recovery of rubber tires from the waste of decommissioned aircraft from the close Ghedi airport in operation since the 1920s.
Not all the suplliers are located locally; for the supply of iron rims and axles the company purchases from a family of forgers in Vicenza.


The Grazioli Company bought ‘Remac’ , a company with a prestigious name, known on the market as a leading manufacturer of soil working machines, with a particular vocation for power harrows. The range, completed and structured, is able to cover the various needs even the ones coming from the most demanding customers.
With this acquisition, the ‘Grazioli-Remac’ factory become a multipurpose structure covering an important market segment, thanks also to the new organization of the sales network, in Italy and abroad.

This vision of the future is documented by two recent articles that appeared in specialized press: first, an app that is applied to Slurry tank and allows the customer to monitor the quantity of nitrogen poured and the relative ground coverage; then, the Genius machine, with its horizontal unloading system that can be transformed from a manure spreader to a dumper (and vice versa) in just a few minutes.

As is evident, a company open to the changes of the fourth industrial revolution, raising in symbiosis with the digital era, requires the support of a generation of digital natives, who know how to study and manage these new applications. Our fourth generation.

The first result of the “digital natives”, currently represented by Jacopo Grazioli, obtained the “Eima 2021 technical innovation” award for the innovative application of a semi-solid material burial system mounted on the Genius spreader.

GENIUS is Eima 2021 technical innovation

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